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Made of 100% linen

Our sleeveless guayabera dress is a stylish and comfortable garment typically made from lightweight fabric.

It features the distinctive guayabera design elements, such as a button-down front, four front pockets, and decorative pleats.

The sleeveless design adds a touch of femininity and breathability, making it a popular choice for casual or semi-formal occasions in tropical or summery settings.

In our girls' collection, we also offer a matching style of sleeveless guayabera dress. This allows for coordinating outfits, making it perfect for family gatherings, vacations, or any occasion where a matching look is desired.

The direct link to our Girl’s Sleeveless Dress:

Sizes 4-10:

Sizes 12-18:

Women’s Sleeveless Linen Guayabera Dress - 100% Linen

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